.. An Appraisal On How The Cares Of This Present Life Subtly Fights Faith!

Dearly Beloved,

Have you ever asked why every industry/field of professionalism is regulated by a body that defines the standards, preserves its values and demands accountability from its members/subjects, and why there are grave consequences for falling short of it?

Have you ever asked why the regulation surrounding the profession of journeying back to God was received by a body of elites who represented the counsel of heaven after professing faith with their feet/walk, or why God would someday refer to the sayings of Christ in the epistles of His apostles while judging men? (Rom. 2:16)

By journeying into Christ, and through Christ (Faith) into God (Love), these elites and fellows (i.e. the early apostles) saw beyond time and offered judgments of the kingdom that would enable us escape this world. They exposed how the world uses the promise of achievement, security, influence and affluence to carefully lure us over time to a place where we exalt the legitimate pursuits/cares of the present life above the promise of attaining divine power (i.e. life and godliness), and because this was done at the expense of faith (inheriting Christ), it was called idolatry.

  • 1Tim. 4:8 For bodily exercise profiteth little: but godliness (which is a dividend of divine power – 2Pet. 1:3) is profitable unto all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.

So whenever we do things at the expense of Faith, we lose life and our walk (account) earns a deficit! Appreciating outwardly (in the present life) at the expense of appreciating in things to come (i.e. truth – Jn. 16:13) is another synonym for disobedience and that is a byproduct of deception (Eph. 2:2/Rev. 12:9).

A century-old bait that the devil uses to achieve this in our lives is the world – which very few believers are committed to fighting aggressively; from the place of hearing to that of walking – because known or unknown to many, they secretly or openly love this world and what it has to offer (1Jn. 2:15).

To fight the customized arrangements in this world that inspires many (especially in developed nations) to use their natural minds rather than their regenerated spirit (Rom. 8:5-8), we need all the illumination/eyes that the Faith that is in Christ (Acts 26:18e) offers. We need to esteem spiritual riches kept in Christ, which should reflect in the choices we make – of what proximity is it to God’s promise/inheritance (Heb. 11:9)? Of what cost is it to the outward man? (2Cor. 4:16)

  • Gen. 13:10-12 And Lot lifted up his eyes (i.e. used his carnal mind at the expense of faith), and beheld all the plain of Jordan, that it was well watered everywhere… Then Lot chose him all the plain of Jordan; and Lot journeyed east… Abram dwelled in the land of Canaan, and Lot dwelled in the cities of the plain, and pitched his tent toward Sodom.

So nothing weakens believers like living by sight. The world consolidates daily to empower us to live by sight – so we don’t address the issue of our separation from God and thereby deny eternal life! Living by faith (i.e. esteeming the leading of the Spirit) on the contrary takes Christ’s power, which enables us to deny this present life.

What God is calling us to overcome is what we legitimately love above Him (Mk. 4:19/1Cor. 6:19), and the world compounds this love by calling it our life (Jn. 12:25)! This present life engages the same energy and devotion that we are meant to use in seeking God for eternal life, so many end up continue in an earthly race that is being fueled by messages from pulpits that limits believers from possessing their souls in patience (Heb. 12:1d/Lk. 21:19). So men end up offering God their old bones.

  • 1Cor. 6:12 All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any (i.e. there is a power governing the present life/conversations and it takes the Faith of the Son/divine power to overcome it).

In a nutshell, the Lord has unresolved personal dispute(s) with any believer who is not employing His Faith to govern his daily affairs in this present life, and He is simply saying, “there is a superior way to go about the natural – lest we be enslaved by it”. Selah!


Tayo Fasan


….. Searching Out Concealed Matters Concerning Christ & Reasoning With Truth Concerning The Word Of Righteousness


… A Brief Finding On Man’s Deficiency In God’s Righteousness And A Biblical Remedy For This

Dearly Beloved,

Once upon a time, sin dressed in a cloak that looked righteous and visited John in the prison, but due to lack of righteous judgment, John couldn’t undress that thought and as such entertained it (Lk. 7:19)! He then took offense at the inaction of Jesus to “do something about his imprisonment” – though that inaction was righteousness in the sight of the Father and Jesus (Jn. 5:19/30).

What a legitimate looking reaction! What a like-minded argument we still present to God in our pleas and prayers that we buttress with “the letters” of the scriptures (2Cor. 3:6). What a proof that the absence of God’s righteousness had limited generations of men from overcoming sin and entering the kingdom! What a confirmation of the need for the Holy Spirit who would shew man things to come (Jn. 16:13), truths from the world to come wherein righteousness dwells (Eph. 1:3/2Pet. 3:13)!

So only the thoughts OF God (Rom. 1:17) can handle and overcome every other thought that is morally sound, intellectually appealing and religiously correct but yet spiritually infirm. Thoughts FROM God visited men all through the Old Testament and raised many (from Abraham to John) from an estate of flesh/carnality to one where they could live by the faith of a living soul (Heb. 11:4-39a), but it took the thoughts OF God to raise man (Jesus) to a place he lived like God does – with power!

By this class of thought, Jesus was framed and raised above angelic wisdom. He so treasured righteousness that he used the opportunity of encouraging John to baptize him, to acquire more righteousness and to complete a season of being justified in the Spirit (Matt. 3:15-17/Rom. 5:1/1Tim. 3:16c), which was needed to confront the world; i.e. the devil (Matt. 4).

He acquired the mind of Christ in the place of serving and preferring others (Phil 2:3-5), and it was with this same heart posture that the mind of His Apostles were empowered to serve God and to write epistles, and only with such heart disposition can we understand what they wrote and live like they lived – with divine power!

A wise man once said, “our sins are our things”! Why? Because most of man’s thoughts (knowledge) can be traceable to man’s fall – to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Man’s thoughts are of the present and are mostly revelations of flesh and blood, not of the Father (1Cor. 15:50/Matt. 16:17). Man’s thoughts are fetched from the air (Eph. 2:2) – not from above (Jn. 3:31/8:23).

Righteousness remains an abundant commodity of the throne though scarce in the church and on earth, because we are yet to place the right premium on it – we don’t seek it like we seek things that have commercial value! Righteousness is such a treasure that it had to be kept in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, and God looks forward to the day when His Righteousness would find its way into much more churches and hearts

Most of man’s thoughts are vain! Most of man’s brain waves can’t stand sin and needs to visit the cross of Christ – which is His Faith/Power. So our souls needs to be subjected to a process called the sufferings of Christ (Heb. 11:8-26/1Pet. 1:11) which is the leading of the Spirit against sin and self, and the end product of those who endure this process (Matt. 10:22/1Pet. 1:6-9) is that their souls would be born again (1Pet. 1:23/Jam. 1:21)

Here, God according to the wisdom of salvation (2Tim. 3:15) watches out for any opportunity to chasten us of our ways and of our thoughts (Heb. 12:5-9), and the temptation of the devil serves as a very useful tool here. So be it delay in childbearing, job, pressing financial need, or lingering health issue, persecution – just name it, God can figure out how it would cause us to appreciate in our soul state (Job 23:10/Isa. 13:12), and sovereignly approves of such on many occasions so He can teach us His ways (Ps. 25:8-12/103:7) and disarm us of ours

This is where we go through the fire, afflictions or mighty waters (Isa. 43:2) and realize God isn’t quick to rescue us from it, but gives us the opportunity to add patience to our faith (Jam. 1:2-4/2Pet. 1:5-6) so we can spiritually grow through it. If we despise such dealings meant to make us future sons (Heb. 12:5-9), we would remain carnal. If we endure such dealings, our souls would appreciate in salvation and we would be blessed with more hunger for righteousness; for more of God and less of self – and would end up being comforted with fresh revelations of Christ (1Pet. 1:13/2Cor. 1:3-6)

As we acquire more of such thoughts (righteousness) that the lord would comfort us with as such hour, known and unknown sins would lose its value; and as this cycle continues, the strength of Sin which is the law or the knowledge of Sin (1Cor. 15:56) gets weakened and abolished in us.

Then would we become free enough to live by God’s Power and be instrumental to setting free other captives of Sin (Obad. 1:21/Isa. 61:3-4/Acts 26:17-18), because we are no more grasses (i.e. carnal) but trees of righteousness, bearing the precious fruit of the kingdom; even eternal life (Isa. 4:2/Jn. 15:2/Rev. 14:1-5). Then can we say that by the state of our souls (not just our recreated human spirit) we have been made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus (2Cor. 5:21). Amen.


Tayo Fasan


….. Searching Out Concealed Matters Concerning Christ & Reasoning With Truth Concerning The Word Of Righteousness

(Prov. 25:2/Isa 1:18/Heb. 5:13-14)


…Findings of an investigation carried out on Sin!

Dearly Beloved,

One amazing adventure that we can all have is while seeking answers to the process whereby Jesus received illumination from the Father, or how the early apostles fetched spiritual understanding from Christ’s light (Eph. 3:4/17/5:14/) and God’s light (Matt. 5:48/1thes. 2:12/2thes. 2:141Jn. 1:5), or how this experience (education) would someday become a reality in us (Gal. 2:20e/1Jn. 1:1/5:20). These are musings on salvation that angels desire but can’t behold (1Pet. 1:12), and one sure way to embody these lights is by being as restless and single eyed as David was with the present creation (Ps. 27:4/63:1/Matt. 6:22).

While doing so, we would realize they all had one common trade secret – they knew sin sought a relationship with them and they had to respond on all occasions with what sin can’t comprehend – God’s Power (i.e. Faith)! They came to a place where they saw sin in its true color because sin was an angelic problem (Eze. 28:14-15) that thrives when man attempts to solve it carnally, and it would take something higher and stronger than the angelic realm (i.e. God’s Love) to come over it!

They saw beyond the use of human wisdom to carnally solve problems and knew that the empowerment that solving problem would bring their way (i.e. comfort, money, fame, influence) was no substitute for the empowerment that comes via the learning Faith. So Jesus learnt the Father’s Faith until he inherited it, the apostles also learnt it until it became theirs (1Jn. 1:1-3/Rev. 12:11) – and it became the tool with which they untied the works of darkness and liberated believers from the bondage of corruption (Jn. 8:32/Rom. 8:21).

Man came into different definitions of exploits by his ability to solve problems created by an unknown problem called sin. Sin has persuaded man till date that all other legitimate cares of life requires more attention than the actual learning of Christ (Rom. 16:25-26/Eph. 4:20). Somewhere, sin doesn’t mind if a believer uses any other faith other than God’s Faith (commandment) which God tried to teach Adam in Eden. Sin put in place an arrangement on earth whereby man labours for the meat that perishes (Isa. 55:1-3/Jn. 6:24-27), one that can only be sighted by Christ’s Faith, and sin doesn’t want believers or ministers to settle for it lest they come into perfection (Matt. 5:48/Heb. 6:1/5:14). So most cares of life till date continues to be at the expense of inheriting eternal life.

Flesh (man’s carnal nature) has hijacked the ministry of solving problems (miracles/giving of fishes) on many occasions! By so doing, men have their physical breakthroughs but don’t have a breakthrough into God afterwards (i.e. get fishes but can’t become fishers of men or saviors of souls – Obad. 1:21/Matt. 4:19/Rom. 8:19-20). This was why Jesus (and his apostles) employed wisdom while solving carnal/earthly problems and didn’t allow them create a ministry for him (Jn. 6:26-29 – pls read). Jesus focused on solving man’s actual nature problem and this really pleased the Father

In God’s wisdom, He used almost every opportunity where he solved problems or did miracles to witness or advertise something higher than miracles – the need for lost strength to be restored back to their souls through the bread of life. So man’s primary need has always been to receive an immovable kingdom called God (Ps. 90:1-2/Heb. 12:28), and our eyes has to be opened (recovered or enlightened) to receive Him (Lk. 4:18e/Acts 26:18/Eph. 1:17-18). We can therefore paraphrase Jn. 6:27 by saying, “labour not for the meat (i.e. what miracles can give) that perishes, but for the actual bread that the person (nature) of Jesus has to offer”, which is the best way to get breakthroughs, miracles, additions (Matt. 6:33)


Christ is the remedy to the situation we have in the church whereby we keep hearing (before and after we receive our breakthroughs) but are never able to come to the knowledge of truth or experimentally handle His life (2Tim. 3:7/2Tim. 1:12c/1Tim. 2:4). We receive our breakthroughs from Jesus of Nazareth (i.e. by leveraging a provision of His name that caters for our present life) but we don’t proceed to receive the actual breakthrough from Jesus The Christ (whom we can only know in the Spirit by the light of His Faith).

Another secret of these men was what they were empowered to love what uproots sin – i.e. righteousness! Like Jesus, they learnt God’s Faith (i.e. Christ) to a place where they were empowered to love and to hate what God hates – unrighteousness/sin (Heb. 1:9/1Jn. 5:17). This was how Paul journeyed to the end of Faith, gained mastery of righteousness and became a king of righteousness (2Tim. 4:8). This was how they loved the light/judgments that came their way when headed to God (perfection). The loved the light that emanated from the Holy Place of the New Testament (Christ), and they used this light to extinguish the world’s darkness in themselves and in others.

Through the leading of the Spirit (i.e. the sufferings they went through while unlearning sin and learning of Christ), their souls prospered by gaining God’s life. Without worldly goods (1Jn. 3:17a/1Tim. 6:17a/2Cor. 6:10e) they enriched and empowered men with Christ (2Cor. 6:10d). They were gods (Ps. 82:1/Jn. 10:34-35), ambassadors of righteousness, kings of peace, elites of Christ and givers of God – and I believe every true believer should look forward to being a part of that roll call someday. Selah.


Tayo Fasan


Dearly Beloved,

One simple way the enemy has weakened men over generations (Isa. 14:12e/Rom. 5:6) is to package and brand for them various kind of rights (Gen. 3:5), and long before he sold bragging rights, women rights, gender rights and abortion rights to nations, he sold to Adam a deadly right that the soul partakes of through knowledge – the right to adventure the world; the right to explore sin via any other knowledge that is contrary to truth!

So the world (sin) is much more than we think it is – it can be dispensed via knowledge to every soul and it is superior to every other knowledge that is contrary to or inferior to truth! It reigned for over 6,000 years before truth showed up in a man (Jesus) via a rare and consistent walk of Faith over decades. It pulls and captivates men via “the good” which is “a goodness” that the tree (stature) of the knowledge of good and evil offers men. It promises to address what men after the fall calls “need” and does so with hidden clauses – security at the expense of salvation, comfort at the expense of love walk, prosperity at the expense of purpose, vanity at the expense of truth, just to mention a few.

  • Prov. 14:12 There is a way which seemeth right (i.e. good) unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.

Sin promises man wisdom and enlightenment, dominion and gain (Gen. 3:5-6) – and what else does a natural man/mind need? It finds its way and feeds fat in any church or gathering that is yet to sight and promote the hope of the gospel; the hope that brings Christ into a soul and that also empowers it to hope for God (glory). SIN IS STRONG BECAUSE IT IS A LAW (PROV. 30:19/1COR. 15:56) THAT CAN BE PERPETUATED VIA ANY KNOWLEDGE THAT LACKS THE ABILITY TO SAVE THE SOUL (ROM. 7:8-11/LK. 1:77/1TIM. 2:4). So no Old Testament believer could overcome it – not even the greatest of all men (prophets) born of women (John); because the right to learn and adventure God’s Rights (Righteousness) hadn’t been embodied by any man.

  • 1Cor. 15:55-56 O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law (of sin).

If Adam could forsake the commandment of Faith despite all the glory and honor he was given and despite the promise of inheriting God’s life (Heb. 2:7/Gen. 2:9c), then there is something about the “good” of that evil tree (knowledge) that looks more precious than faith (2Pet. 1:1) and that continues to limit the church from coming into perfection (Heb. 6:1/1Pet. 1:9); and as long as we aren’t taught, rooted and grounded in the Faith that Christ came to unearth via his walk, we most likely are responding daily to the “good” of that tree like Eve and Adam did! We most likely are exercising our rights to live outside Christ’s Faith – as as such aren’t believing believers (Jn. 1:12/2Pet. 1:9-10/1Jn. 5:1).

Sin is the first produce of the “good knowledge” of the tree being probed here, which is a product of disobedience to the law of God’s order of Faith (Rom. 14:23/1Jn. 5:17). Sin always seems right and enslaves every natural mind that seeks his own things or interest (Prov. 14:12/Phil. 2:3-4). Sin understands the philosophy governing all legitimate looking earthly gain (1Tim. 6:5) and employs this to rob men of life on every decision where they put their minds ahead of their recreated spirit.

So what Jesus overcame at Jordan was firstly the “good” proposal of that tree – i.e. sin which is the world, and he overcame it because he was dead to every “gospel of right” that the enemy sold to him. He had just come to the end of His Faith course by submitting to the righteous demand of that course (Matt. 3:17/Rom. 1:17).  He had just qualified to claim the patent over the Gospel of God – which would subsequently be called the Gospel of Christ (Rom. 1:1/1:16), and the next person (Paul) that would successfully forsake his rights (Phil. 3:4-8) by fully claiming the rights (righteousness) of that Gospel would also inherit that Gospel – and call it his (Rom. 2:16/16:25).

What crucifies the world in us and to us is the cross of Christ – the conversation of His Faith, and any believer that is ashamed of the lifestyle that accompanies this Faith is either openly or secretly in love with this world! Any believer that is not learning the power with which Christ and his apostles disobeyed the rights and privileges being offered by the world, is not in love with the father (1Jn. 2:15). Such a one won’t partake of the Honor of the Son or the Glory of the Father, and may go to heaven with the glory of a grass (1Pet. 1:24/Jam. 1:9-11)0

God offers His commandment and chastening to those whom he loves – and this is the basis on which he reveals his righteousness and offers life (Heb. 12:6/Jn. 12:50). The devil offers rights to everybody – and this is the basis on which he reveals unrighteousness (sin) to flesh and blood (1Cor. 15:50). THE COMMANDMENT OF GOD IS CHRIST – AND WE OBEY CHRIST BY OBEYING HIS FAITH (Rom. 16:26). THE COMMANDMENT OF THE DEVIL IS SIN – AND WE OBEY SIN (THE WORLD) BY DISOBEYING FAITH.

  • Matt. 3:17 And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son (a son of Faith/divine power), in whom I am well pleased (because he totally hated the world and loved the father)

In the natural, we eat with our mouth, but in the Spirit, we eat with our ears (Isa. 55:3/Rom. 10:). As we hear the revelations (sayings) of the Lord that sanctifies and separates us from unclean things (filthiness), we live (Isa. 55:3/Heb. 10:38). We align with what the Spirit is saying to the church today – which encompasses what was said to the seven churches (Rev. Chapters 2 & 3); the sound counsels of Faith (i.e. of Christ) and of Love (i.e. of God) that would perfect the churches/saints. Selah.




… A Brief Appraisal On Powers FROM GOD & The Power OF God

Dearly Beloved,

Once upon a time, only one kind of power was meant to surface on earth and gradually colonize it, and the price tag for that was for man (Adam) to yield to the demands of God’s righteousness until it became a default in men and men live by power (2Cor. 6:7)! But man’s inability to pay that price gave room for other inferior expressions and exploits of powers FROM God. The coming of our Lord Jesus to unveil the actual power OF God would therefore face a challenge – because men rather settled for the former out of ignorance and/or insincerity than pay the price to seek God’s power.

Adam must have desired a superior power than what he wielded while on earth because embedded in God’s commandments to him was a thirst for such! The righteous judgments that permeated his heart and mind when he was made was that of a living soul, and through it, he wielded some “great” power in God’s sight for a while! But all that was a far cry from God’s power which man was meant to come into by hating every thought or inspiration (Heb. 1:9) that is contrary to that which emanates from God and by tirelessly feeding on God’s classified thoughts for man (Deu. 8:3/Matt. 4:4) until his only object of love became the invincible God!

Generations came and went, but none could climb and touch the level of height of judgments that was once found in Adam. Through the law and the prophets (Rom. 3:21), God later raised and witnessed to the coming of His righteousness, and the substances of that righteousness would be one that every man would secure while learning of the faith that would be revealed in and through Christ; a faith that would cause men to live in the sight of God with Power (Hab. 2:4/Rom. 3:21-22).

So we can deduce the Faith at work in a believer through answers to questions made available only in the New Testament. For example, does it promise to bring a believer to God and reward him or her with God (and not just things) like we saw in Jesus (among others) for the first time? Can it cause a believer to sight and inherit things kept out of the right of glorious angels? So if the substances of that righteousness are of the same fabric as that of the patriarchs and prophets, then it’s not the Faith of the New Testament and it can only please the soul of the Father in a measure – not satisfactorily (Matt. 12:18/17:5/Eph. 1:9/Col. 1:10a/Heb. 10:36). Why? Because anything that doesn’t employ the working of His power (Phil. 2:13/Eph. 1:19) can’t fashion out Christ in that soul (Col. 1:29) – and what pleases the Father is Christ!

The gospel belongs to Christ because Christ owns the power that saves; that separates man from what makes him CARNALLY NATURAL to what would make him DIVINELY NATURAL  – i.e. a man with God’s image. The consecration upon Christ causes every soul that comes in contact with him while journeying unto a state and abode called salvation (God), to be kept and given immunity against sin (i.e. against the power of darkness – Acts 26:18). So we can confidently deduce that the power of God is actually at work when a believer is on course with the Faith that Jesus authored and finished! The question now is, “what measure of that power is at work and how can the fullness of that power be apprehended in the days of our flesh”?


  • 1Pet. 1:5 Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.

The peculiarity of this power of God is that it keeps the soul while it is being feasted in the very presence of the enemy (Ps. 23:3-5) against corruption, and does so until it is made higher and invincible to it 2Pet. 1:4/1Jn. /Heb. 7:26); until it is made to sit on the throne! This power kept Paul during the perils of his journeys and perils of false brethren (2Cor. 11:23-27), and through the buffetings of Satan, through recurrent seasons of weariness, imprisonments, lack, dishonor, and of afflictions – He (like other apostles) was kept and their hearts were enlarged to comprehend God; to comprehend Love.

This same power kept the apostles and some saints in the early church because they remained in obedience by keeping the commandments of God (Jude 1:21/1Jn. 2:5/3:22/5:3/Rev. 12:17/14:12), and in turn were kept by that power – beyond the reach of the enemy. More importantly, it committed God to gradually and ultimately dwell in them (1Jn. 3:24). This power promises to keep us through our light afflictions (2Cor. 4:17) and from the idols and filthiness of this world (1Jn. 5:21/Num. 6:23-24).

  • 1Jn. 5:18 We know that whosoever is born of God sinneth not; but he that is begotten of God keepeth himself, and that wicked one toucheth him not {i.e. through the use of Faith and Love New Testament commandments, he has been separated from the reach of the devil; from the reach of sin and death (1Cor. 15:55); like the man child company where (Rev. 12:5)}
  • Rev. 2:26 And he that overcometh (i.e. overcomes the world by Christ’s Faith -1Jn. 5:4), and keepeth my works (i.e. faith and love walk/commandment) unto the end (i.e. unto God – 1Tim. 1:5/1Jn. 2:5/4:12), to him will I give power over the nations (i.e. the scepter/rod of righteousness – Heb. 1:8-9/Rev. 2:27/12:5)

Anything that is sustained by powers FROM God has one characteristic and fate – it can’t really please the Father as he desires and it would perish or pass away with time (Heb. 1:10-11), but anyone that is sustained by the power OF God has one destiny – s/he would outlive time and witness concerning Christ and God (salvation) in the days of their flesh. Which do we seek?


Tayo Fasan


….. Searching Out Concealed Matters Concerning Christ & Reasoning With Truth Concerning The Word Of Righteousness. (Prov. 25:2/Isa 1:18/Heb. 5:13-14)




Dearly Beloved,

One of the utmost desires that every sincere believer should nurse is to overcome what limits them from loving the Father – i.e. the world; and the primary cost and avenue of doing so is through the leading of the Spirit (1Jn. 2:15/Rom. 8:14). Nothing is as unnatural to believers as this because prior to the birthing of the soul in truth (Jn. 3:5/1Pet. 1:22-23/Jam. 1:18), we were all previously led about by dumb civilized idols (1Cor. 12:2) via our fallen senses – and we didn’t lack proofs (results) to support it.

So coming into a season where heaven in mercy places a demand on us to lose control of our lives and depend on a God we don’t truly know to lead us with His word and Spirit through experiences that sets us at a disadvantage – carnally speaking, is what we call suffering but what God calls blessing! (Gen. 12:1-2)

Such is the season when various laws that we fetched from our former conversation (our background, upbringing, wrong exposures and experiences in life – Eph. 2:2/4:22) fight to stay alive, and God in mercy comes after them – at whatever cost that would come to our earthly arrangements! God in wisdom doesn’t spare our natural arrangement because the devil over centuries has mastered the use of it to limit us from changing state or from seeking things above.

This is when our false security (insecurity) and fear of tomorrow put a strong defense against such dealing that the gospel administers, and we find ourselves “wearing the same trouser with God”, waring with a man of war. So God uses this opportune time to draw our attention to a frank truth – “we are actually ashamed of the righteous demands that always accompanied the gospel of Christ” and that “we have what it takes to repeat the history of Esau” but for the preeminence of His Mercy.

  • Rom. 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation (i.e. that saves the soul) to everyone that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.

So on not a few occasion, when a believer is on course with the leading of the Spirit, the world and those who secretly love the world would narrowly look at him as being weak, slow, lazy, goalless, and irrelevant to his times; the same way those old faith in Hebrew and every one that would live righteously would be perceived and persecuted. So when God comes to prune us of our unknown idols, worldly standards and definition of rights, we react with the use of the letters of scriptures, but blessed is he that loses out in that battle; that is helped from his unknown unwillingness to live by the power of God and that is thereby liberated from being a lawful captive (Isa. 49:24/Lk. 4:18d) of the law of fear (Rom. 8:15a/Heb. 2:15) so he can someday become a glorious captive and prisoner of our Lord Christ Jesus – a king in the realm of the Spirit.

So before a believer comes in contact with what the likes of Paul contacted (i.e. the power in the gospel), he actually loved with the world – knowingly or unknowingly, and his response to the leading of the Spirit which is a major prescription of the Faith of the Son is a life or death issue. The faith that a believer exercises before being exposed to the faith of Christ (if ever he does) could not withstand the world and its wisdom – though it could move mountains, heal the sick, raise the dead, just to mention a few. Much more of such exploits was expressed in the Old Testament when none could overcome the world.

This is the reason why there is something unique about the faith (life of power/dominion) unveiled in the New Testament, which our Lord Jesus desires would be given much more attention than it presently has. The eyes and ears of believers are falsely encumbered and satisfied with seeking the present at the expense of the kingdom Christ is offering us.

Men don’t want to endure the process that would turn their souls to become more precious than gold (Isa. 13:12/Job 22:22-24/Rev. 3:18a) and one of their subtle idols is their desire for results – that God promised would come as an addition (Matt. 6:33). When they get such with their human strength, it’s always at the expense of grace – at the expense of receiving the kingdom and its righteous judgments.

  • Heb. 11:26-27 Esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures in Egypt: for he had respect unto the recompence of the reward. By faith he forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king: for he endured, as seeing him who is invisible.

The gospel of Christ (i.e. God’s power to save a soul) is the spiritual foremost education designed for all souls. God communicated it to Jesus until he was fully captivated by it and became the Christ – separated him from sinners, made holy and harmless (Heb. 7:26). Our Lord Jesus in turn communicated it to Paul and captivated him by it. So when that gospel can’t captivate our hearts, we are simply telling God we are comfortable living in disobedience to His Son’s Faith.

The gospel of Christ empowers believers to live according to a life that is higher than corruption and superior to the wisdom driving this world; a life that is strictly inspired by things above, things beyond the hearing of the ears and the sight of natural eyes (Col. 3:1-2/Isa. 11:3b-c/2Cor. 4:18).

To end up denying the gospel of Christ is to deny Him of living by His Faith (Hab. 2:4/Rom. 1:17/Heb. 10:38/Gal. 2:20) wherein we are meant to become one with him (Eph. 4:13a/Heb. 2:11). It is to deny him the legal ground to declare us unto His Father and God as His people (Heb. 2:12/Rev. 3:5d/12/1Pet. 2:9d/Rev. 21:3). Our Lord Jesus has been visiting the earth (Lk. 18:8/2Tim. 4:8f/Heb. 9:28) for one purpose – to see if His Faith has become a conversation in men so he can indwell them (Eph. 3:17/Jn. 14:21) and prepare them to become an abode for His Father (Jn. 14:2-3/23).

  • 2Cor. 6:9-10 (activities/workings of divine power – the gospel of Christ) As unknown, and yet well known; as dying, and, behold, we live; as chastened, and not killed; As sorrowful, yet alway rejoicing; as poor, yet making many rich; as having nothing, and yet possessing all things.

If we would inherit the same of crown of righteousness that Paul made reference to in 2Tim. 4:8, then we would have to walk by the same spirit of faith like he did, endure the reproaches that accompanies Christ’s riches and appreciate in our inward (soul) state. We would walk in a way that we would trust God not just in words but indeed (1Jn. 3:18). Things that were once gain to us would be counted loss so we can win Christ, and thereby count some other unknown things as dung – because that is what they actually are in the light of the immortal and only wise God. (Phil 3:4-8)


Tayo Fasan

….. Searching Out Concealed Matters Concerning Christ & Reasoning With Truth Concerning The Word Of Righteousness (Prov. 25:2/Isa 1:18/Heb. 5:13-14)



… An Appraisal On The Old & New Creation

Dearly Beloved,

For many, there is hardly anything as exciting as a new gift, device, car or property; and there is hardly anything as boring as watching them wax old and perish with the use (1Cor. 7:31/Jam. 1:11)! So we all secretly desire that new things would remain new and thereby share a like desire in God who had to wait for some 4,000 years before he could raise the first new creation breed in the man Christ Jesus. So the actual answer to our desires is in our souls becoming a new creation – not in corruptible things remaining new.

This desire became a reality in the apostles, in men of like passion as us; men that kept faith with the demands of walking in the same light that has come upon this generation of believers – a light that not a few of our faithful fathers in the faith either didn’t know of or sought it to no avail! But thanks be unto God that the unique count of those seeking to become new in God’s sight is about to drastically increase! Thank God for unuttered resolves in some that says, “If every other believer won’t become a new man in the days of their flesh, I would disobey that norm and be an exception”!

Christ isn’t just a new creature but is the new creature in whom all new creation souls have been numbered! He is God’s new civilization and nothing else gets His attention on the throne like the issue of raising many more new creation souls; raising fellows of light that Jesus promised to bring unto the Father (Heb. 1:9d/2:10d). God’s rest is yoked with this eternal agenda, and the corporate unfolding of the world to come would be kick-started by it, so God continues to remain more concerned about the faith to faith dealings of the cross (Rom. 1:17a/Gal. 6:14) that would see a company of believers to a place where they complete our faith course (1Pet. 1:9/Acts 20:24/1Tim. 6:12) and pierce through the veil where God is hid (Heb. 6:19)

  • 2Cor. 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.
  • Rev. 21:4 And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

The subject of the new creation is a wholesale truth that is better witnessed to by those who have attained it, so permit me to break that protocol by “attempting” to do so – from afar! While trying to reason with the Lord concerning this subject, I find myself appreciating the reference to “old things” in 2Cor. 5:17 and to “former things” in Rev. 21:4.

One interesting characteristic of old things or of former things is that they can’t withstand or survive the activities of God’s Power! In fact, God brought His Eternal Power to light (Rom. 1:20/2Tim. 1:10) so as to end their existence and grant access to new things which are things to come (Jn.16:13h/Heb. 9:11/10:1a) – our New Testament inheritance that has been kept in light (Col. 1:12).

God actually catered for old things before the foundation of the world (Rev. 13:8). Old things would only end up commending God’s love to us. Old things are things that have a kind of life or that are sustained by the power of death (disobedience). So God simply bottled his eternal power into a specie of man and “unbottled” him in the fullness of time so that many likeminded specie of men would be raised unto Himself. If so, the subject of divine power (Christ Faith) demands much more attention than we (the church) have accorded it! It was first of all the gospel of God (Rom. 1:1c), then of Christ (Rom. 1:16a-b), and then of Paul (Rom. 2:16/16:25a), and of other apostles – and that same power should someday become our powerour faith (1Jn. 5:4/1Pet. 1:4); or our new heaven compliant conversation (Phil. 3:20/Phil. 3:13/Rev. 21:2-4), our most holy faith that leads to our love/Our God (Jude 1:20-21/Rev. 5:10/12:10/21:3).

Old things are things that became a nature in man the day man chose to sin against faith – i.e. live by sight! Rather than grow younger and younger to a place in God where man’s years would fail not (i.e. journey back into the womb of the morning – Ps. 110:3/Heb. 1:12c-d/Rev. 2:28/22:16), man began to grow old and became scattered in his soul by trafficking with disobedience; by using every other knowledge that was inferior to or contrary to the knowledge of divine life.

Old things gave birth to the old man (Eph. 4:22) that necessitated the judgment of the cross – the uninterrupted faith walk of Christ from Jerusalem to Jordan and the uninterrupted love walk of Christ Jesus, The Son of God (the full blown son – Matt. 16:16/1Jn. 3:8/1Jn. 5:11-13/20) from Jordan to Gethsemane.  

  • Heb. 4:15 For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted (i.e. to react or respond contrary to life) like as we are, yet without sin.

Old things are things that cause a soul to pass away because of the force of corruption (2Pet. 1:4), so God’s response to this was to give us great and precious promises so we can come over (overcome) it. Old things were born the day in which the devil perverted his law for living; and turned the law of faith in him into that which is called iniquity (Eze. 28:14-15). Old things have one goal – to separate man from God; to cause man to die spiritually by living from without (2Cor. 4:18/5:6/Rom. 8:24). To separate us from acquiring life, the enemy uses our wrong responses to tribulation, distress, persecution, famine, nakedness, danger, and more importantly to the cares of this present life. So the only antidote to this was for God to unveil the design of a life which was out of the sight of the present man and of glorious angels; a life we are meant to fetch by seeing (judging) everything through Christ – through the eyes of Faith or through the eyes of the Spirits of the Lord (Isa. 11:2-3).

  • Ps. 36:9 For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light (good light/Christ’s light) shall we see light (perfect light/God’s light)
  • Jam. 1:17 Every good gift (i.e. good light/Christ’s light – Eph. 5:14) and every perfect gift (i.e. perfect light/God’s light – 1Jn. 1:5) is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.

So new things are things born out of the process of coming to God (Faith – Heb. 10:1c/11:6b) where God gives us more life (Lk. 19:26) as we prevail against the pressures of the enemy to stop us from keeping life (Matt. 13:19-23/Rev. 1:3)! Little wonder the apostles rejoiced in the sufferings of Christ while journeying to the end of faith, because such were the conduits through which they would become perfected in faith (Matt. 4:1/Eph. 4:13a/c/1Jn. 5:4) and ultimately perfected in love (Jn. 14:30/Eph. 4:b/d/1Jn. 4:18/5:20)

Show me a man who is going through cycles of being pressured on all sides to stop the pursuit of eternal life and I will show you a man who is consistently beholding Christ; who is on course to receiving  every comfort of truth that would empower him to trade (disown) his old life for his new life that has been hid in Christ (Col. 3:3). I will show you a man who will enter the kingdom through tribulation (Matt. 13:21/Acts. 14:22) and will keep pressing on into the fullness of the new creation (2Pet. 1:11/1Cor. 9:26) through the tribulation that takes place while in the kingdom (Rom. 5:3/8:35/2Cor. 1:4/Rev. 1:9/2:9-10)

God in his wisdom uses all things (i.e. the contradicting experience of lovers of Christ/Faith – 1Cor. 2:9/Rom. 8:28) to save us from old things; to cause us to hold and own new things (Eph. 1:3/18c). So as we contend earnestly not to let go of faith (life), we are faced with afflictions for choosing Christ’s life above that of the world. We hold our ground of obedience (i.e. obey faith – Rom. 16:26/Phil. 2:12), and by doing so, we live according to the new creation – by the power of faith; we obey resurrection life and import the conversation (powers) of the world to come into our flesh.

So by appreciating strategic lifelong trials approved of by God to save our souls (Ps. 118:18/119:71), we prove to heaven that we are destined to complete the separations offered in the holy place – through Christ; which are the consecrations needed to see, experience or inherit God in the most holy place! By continually doing so, we subscribe to the anthem of Christ called “suffer it to be so for now” and would definitely appreciate to a place in the Spirit where we become the righteousness of God in our souls (2Cor. 5:21c). We fight by consistently walking (faith), we lay hold of the fullness of eternal life (love)

So when you see believers taking with levity the issue/dealings of Christ’s Faith, they are simply directly or indirectly saying they are to retain old things (corruption); like Esau, they are despising the inheritance of the New Testament which is that of the new creation, and may end up proving to God that they were not really interested in His promise – becoming a new creation.

Being in Christ or being a new creature is not firstly a confession, but a process that must be accomplished by warfare against old things or against the forces governing the present old and passing creation. Some called few (Matt. 7:14c-d/Heb. 4:6) would end up proving to God that He was right by numbering them among the new creation, while others would prove to God that he was wrong to have predestined them for such. Where do we stand?


Tayo Fasan

….. Searching Out Concealed Matters Concerning Christ & Reasoning With Truth Concerning The Word Of Righteousness. (Prov. 25:2/Isa 1:18/Heb. 5:13-14)